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Hello Everyone,

What does prefabricated house mean, which everyone asks, let’s answer it together.

In fact, if we can explain it in a single sentence, prefabricated house is the name given to the method of bringing together ready-made elements on the field according to a previously made plan.

If it is necessary to explain; It is a structure whose elements such as interior walls, exterior walls, doors, roofs, windows, interior paint, exterior paint, electrical installation, plumbing, toilet, shower tray and fuse box are manufactured and prepared and assembled on the concrete platform on which the house will be built.

So why should we buy a prefabricated house?

Since the planning has been done and completed beforehand, there is no long construction period.
Since it is manufactured in factories, it can be assembled on-site in a short time of three to four days.
Prefabricated houses, contractor, master, plumber, painter etc. It does not require. That’s why it is more economical.

Before you build a prefabricated house or residence, you can predict how much it will cost you.
It is safe and secure because it is produced by taking earthquake and climate conditions into consideration.
If desired, additions can be made, expanded, and relocated in the future. It is possible to find prefabricated house materials in construction markets.
Prefabricated Buildings cause noise, visual, chemical etc. in the environment. Does not cause pollution…
By placing solar panels on the roof, solar energy can be utilized and significant energy savings can be achieved.
Prefabricated houses can be assembled on-site at any time of the year.
Thermal insulation is high, it provides energy saving and heat efficiency is essential in prefabricated houses.
Due to the short installation time, moisture does not occur inside, it is not affected by weather and climate conditions, and it can be settled in immediately after installation.
Concrete is not used except for the submersion.
It offers more usable space than a concrete building because the walls are thinner and take up less space.
It is possible to have houses and buildings in the desired appearance with countless exterior appearance options.
All elements are compatible with each other. That’s why there won’t be the slightest deviation or glitch in its assembly; The produced elements form a millimetrically harmonious whole after assembly.
The interiors of ready-made houses produced with the latest technology are cozy, practical and comfortable. It is designed to maximize the use of living spaces.
All details, from the exterior cladding to the color of the interior walls, from doors to windows, from bathtubs to batteries, from sockets to ceiling lighting, can be made optionally or individually if desired.
The exterior appearance is modern and aesthetic. It adapts to the environment in its location and is compatible with the general architectural appearance.
Ready-made houses can be produced as one-storey or duplex. It is possible to find small houses for a single family and large houses for large families. Likewise, there are different options regarding the type of house. Villas, residences, farmhouses, chalets, bungalows, summer houses, winter houses, home offices, wooden houses, design houses, block houses, semi-detached villas, houses with or without garages, houses with large bay windows are just some of them.
It is possible to have personalized designs made and applied.
It can be specially designed for disabled people…
Prefabricated structures are designed for industrial production and can also be produced in the form of huge hangars.
Instant changes or additions can be made to designs before production.
Not only residences, but also workplaces, offices, construction sites, WC and shower cabins, changing rooms, public space structures, workshops, warehouses, directorate buildings, industrial facilities, sports halls, etc. Prefabricated buildings are also produced for purposes such as.
Since wear and tear is low, maintenance and renewal costs are low.
Their average lifespan is around 40-50 years.
It can be disassembled and reassembled wherever desired.
It is valuable in the market, it does not lose its value and can be sold at any time since a second-hand market has emerged.
Sample houses can be visited and seen in advance, so clearer information about prefabricated houses can be obtained…

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