Factory Steel Construction
What is the Cost of Steel Construction Factory Construction?

For steel construction factory costs, a preliminary project drawing is made after the first meeting with the customer. The factory steel construction concept is determined through the preliminary project and changes, additions and deletions are agreed upon. With the preliminary project drawing, the building units are revealed and the steel construction factory cost is calculated by calculating the tonnage and quantity. After the project concept is agreed upon, the Implementation project phase begins. Very well drawn preliminary projects can be used as application projects.

How to Build a Steel Construction Factory?
The construction of the steel construction factory, for which an application project is drawn, begins with foundation digging and correction processes. Flanges on which the steel columns will sit are placed on the foundation according to their location in the project. Factory construction continues with the erection of steel columns. The steel construction factory roof is placed with the help of a crane by applying a system called A roof on the steel construction. Different roof systems are also available.

The factory steel construction skeleton is thus completely formed. Factory exterior cladding can be made from any material. Generally, trapezoidal sheet metal is preferred. Sandwich panel products are used in factories where thermal insulation is required. For factory roofs, sheet metal is generally preferred. By placing transparent panels in between, daylight is ensured.

If you provide us with some information about the steel factory costs you want to have built, we will send you the full price offer within an average of 3 days. To request steel construction factory construction costs, please send us the following information;

Width and Length of the factory to be built,
Side Column height of the factory to be built,
Ridge height of the factory to be built,
Whether or not an overhead crane will be used inside,
Roof and wall covering materials you prefer,
automatic door etc. Special requests
Please call us to get support on issues such as factory construction cost, factory construction companies, how factory construction is done, steel factory construction, factory building construction, factory roof systems and factory construction in general and to have a turnkey factory built;


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Shortly after your note is received, our engineers will contact you for technical information.

Steel Construction Factory Construction
If you inform us of the factory dimensions you intend to have built, you will be provided with a 3D drawing and price information within a week. email: info@elbarsco.com

All Our Services About the Subject
You can get professional support from our company for steel construction factory projects. Please contact us for a static project drawing with the dimensions and features you request.

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